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Your Key to Virus Removal

Save time & money by cleaning computer viruses yourself.

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U.S. Patent No.: 11,392,390


Save time and money with FixMeStick®

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Replacing your Computer

Replacing a virus-ridden computer costs hundreds of dollars.

Tech Support

Phone or in-person technicians can be costly and can take 2-3 days without your computer.


FixMeStick comes with free, dedicated technical support.

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3X the antivirus power

FixMeStick multi-scanner technology

With a FixMeStick you don't have to replace your computer.

By using FixMeStick once a month, you keep your computer, files, and keep your privacy.

Unlike antivirus software, that works only while your system is running, the FixMeStick reboots your computer using a system on the stick, so it's able to remove the viruses and malware that other antivirus and security programs can't detect.

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The FixMeStick® Difference

FixMeStick Finds Malware On More Than 80% Of The Computers It Scans, Even Though 99% Of Our Customers Run Antivirus Software.

Antivirus Software

  • Protects your computer from malicious software like viruses, trojans, spyware, and other malware.
  • Works while Windows or Mac OS is running.
  • Highly recommended for everyday protection.

The FixMeStick® Virus Removal Device

  • Finds and removes infections that got past your antivirus software.
  • Starts before your system boots to remove infections that won't come off while your system is running.
  • Does not replace or conflict with antivirus software.

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Advanced Technology Anyone Can Use

FixMeStick's founder Corey Velan built the first FixMeStick for his mom Penny. Now with over 1 million customers, people all over the world are cleaning their own computers from the comfort and privacy of home.

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1.3 million home users trust FixMeStick®

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